Picture a world where two intelligent species live. One species communicates primarily through spoken word, the other primarily through body language.  

This is our world, the world of humans and dogs. Our two different modes of communication causes confusion, anxiety, and sometimes even fear. 

The good news is that with the proper training and guidance, we can build a bridge between dogs and humans that leads to better understanding, less confusion, and ultimately a stronger bond with the dogs we share our lives and homes with. 

This is accomplished through the application of established training techniques combined with passionate trainers that want to see your dog reach it's full potential.

Our mission is to teach your dog English as a second language and to teach you the language of canines.  

"My dog won't listen"

Dogs like humans, are highly social animals that thrive in and seek out a stable environment where each dog has it's place in the pack.  Its no different in a blended human and dog pack.

Conflicts between people and their dogs occur for many reasons. Either the dog didn't understand what was being asked of it, or the handler did not know how to effectively communicate with the dog to get the desired behavior.

Another common cause of conflict in the blended human and dog pack occurs when the humans in the pack are unable or not willing to assume a leadership position in the home.

Resetting the proper balance can be effectively done with the help of an experienced trainer or behavioral consultant.

We offer private in-home training in basic, intermediate, and advanced obedience as well as behavioral modification for dogs and families struggling with behavior issues. Check out our site for more information on our class offerings.

"My dog is too old"

While its true, that there are several ideal periods where puppies and/or younger dogs excel at training.  Any dog in good health can benefit from obedience training and/or behavioral modification to help the dog become all that it can be. As long as the dog is healthy and able, there is no age limit in determining what your dog can learn. Having an experienced dog trainer is the key to getting the most out of your dog at any age.