Behavior Modification

Sometimes it takes more than just love to heal a damaged dog. It takes knowledge, experience, and a commitment to going the distance to keep a dog in it's home.  Let us help you help your dog find it's place in your family.

Behavior Modification

The Road to Recovery

Dogs, like their people, come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities.  Some dogs are by nature more assertive, while other dogs are naturally more cautious.

Occasionally unwanted behaviors develop, and are unintentionally reinforced  by well-meaning owners. Sometimes these behaviors are caused by poor socialization or past traumatic experiences.

The vast majority of these dogs can be rehabilitated by an experienced  trainer or behaviorist. 

Don't give up on your dog.  I'm experienced and trained to help you deal with jumping, digging, biting & nipping, counter-surfing, reactivity, dog-dog aggression and many other behavioral problems.